To buy a mattress today becomes a very complicated task, given the number of materials that exist in the market and used for the manufacture of mattresses.

Spring mattresses

Well, there are different types of springs in spring mattresses. The ones of all the life are called mattresses of biconical springs or Bonell, and in Also be we do not recommend that you buy these, since their firmness is medium-low.

On the other hand, in the market, there are other spring mattresses, for example, those of continuous springs, those of pocket springs…

The springs of continuous springs are a good option if you are looking for something decent because they spread the weight quite evenly and provide freshness and perspiration.

On the other hand, the pocket springs are inside small bags that also provide independence at the time of sleeping two people in the same bed, even more than those of continuous springs, although the latter are mattresses that provide more freshness and ventilation.

Keep in mind that, as in almost everything, there are different qualities. But, in general, one of the best characteristics of spring mattresses is ventilation, perspiration, and hygiene.

Thanks to these characteristics, you will sleep on a firm mattress and with a good feeling of freshness.

Bultex foam

The mattresses that incorporate this material are considered the latest in innovation since the Bultex is composed of a cellular structure shaped like a honeycomb that performs the function of micro carriers.

This makes them perfectly support the weight of each person and is usually made with high-quality foams that provide ventilation, support, and adaptability.

Within its characteristics you will find that there are different degrees of firmness, so you can choose the one that best suits your back. In addition, they are considered stable mattresses suitable for sleeping in pairs and very breathable.

There are more materials on the market, such as HR Foam Mattresses, Viscolatex Mattresses, Water Mattresses, Foam Mattresses … among many others.

There are so many mattresses in the market today. And king size mattress has come into the market too. If you want to buy a king size mattress set you can buy it.