You may be thinking about how a twin mattress facilitates the rest of both couples. Consider the following situation:

You are a person with very light sleep. Any movement can wake you up during the night. Your partner has a deep sleep but uneasy. He moves a lot at night, changes position, pulls the sheets. By sharing a mattress, each change of position of your partner in bed makes your part move and you wake up.

In some occasions, the independence of beds of a mattress allows solving this situation. In other cases, this is not the case and, for example, a person with a weight much greater than that of his partner can make the mattress sink more on one side, forcing bad positions on the person resting on the other side of the mattress. It is not something minor. Occasionally, resting with a situation of inadequate rest can end in contractures and even injuries.

However, you do not want to propose the option of sleeping in separate beds. Although at bedtime you wake up, you like to share a bed with your partner. You get between the sheets, you talk about your day and you share a moment of intimacy that you value. You know that the separate beds would allow you to rest better, but you do not want to lose that closeness that you like so much with your partner. You can see the best mattress for couples 2019 from here.

The ideal position to sleep

In addition, the twin mattress allows each person to sleep in the mattress position that is most comfortable for them. There are special mattresses that allow each half to be placed more horizontally or more upright. If you are a person with respiratory problems or you feel more comfortable with a steeper inclination at the top of the mattress, the twin mattress will allow you to position yourself in the way that best facilitates rest without having to force your partner to adopt that position.

As you can see, the twin mattress has multiple benefits for couples. They are the ideal solution for those who want to share the privacy of a double bed.